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October 09, 2012


Thanks Paul, nice summary. I would like to add little comment for entrepreneur paragraph. The other reason entrepreneurs have a regional focus than a global one is that they think Turkey is a big enough market. Therefore, they restrain themselves not to target global markets.
One advantage of Turkish consumers is that they are early adopters for new concepts. Also, so digitally engaged, hungry and socially networked.
Some additional interesting facts from Turkey:
35 million is online, 3rd in online engagement -32.7 hours online per month-, 1st in content consumption -3,706 pages per month- in Europe.
5th in Facebook, 8th in Twitter penetration, and 3rd in Foursquare usage in the world.

May find some more information at http://newsle.com/article/0/23824847/

Super comment. Thanks for the insights and additional data.

A very good snapshot in short time Paul; thanks for sharing your thoughts. I am specially happy about your comments on entrepreneurs and their pitches. Number of quality entrepreneurs are increasing every day and with role models as mentors and improving ecosystem, their impact will be more regional and hopefully global soon. Hope to see you more often around.

good summary on the Turkish startup scene and opportunity from @pkedrosky. Wee hope to see you more often, Paul.

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