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August 23, 2012


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Many entrepreneurs use social media for different reasons. In the case of small businesses, while looking for information to grow their businesses and create jobs, this could be more effective for their companies if the entrepreneurs follow their network and join the conversation. Sometimes, the information is where you are not expected to see it. We have to look everywhere and everyday to know whose doing what and when.

Someone could be surprise to see how people are creative to get exposure on social media even thought they do not have access to the internet at home.

When someone has access to the internet for at most two hours a day, this is very challenging to juggle from one site to another. Sometime you glance at them and left things to be completed for another time. County public library and municipal public library have their input on that by giving people access to internet.

In this era where many unemployed are trying to get back to the workforce, social media is an opportunity for entrepreneurs and young companies to gain exposure. Not in the tech industry, having a website could be challenging and many entrepreneurs may not able to afford a domain for $ 10- $ 18; however, Wordpress, the website company, makes it easier for this group of people- having a website for free, friendly and easy to access in less than 20 minutes. We can call it “web life savior”; therefore, the entrepreneur will have a domain whenever he/she can afford it. I say “Wow”. For now I can say, Wordpress reliefs the financial burden on many small businesses and entrepreneurs,its customers, for a while until they can afford to upgrade their sites.

Young companies and entrepreneurs are mastering a skill on how to communicate effectively on social media. This communication skill is different in its way from what we knew before. Someone can interfere to your business life by being your mentor without telling you. You can also choose someone or a group of people or companies to be your mentors for a while without asking them. The matter is everybody is trying to do the right thing on social media to make the world a better place. The giver gives away, the taker takes away, and the giver-taker redistributes what she/he takes accordingly; we become a social happy family.

The website is "Wordpress.com" not wordpress

Something else that is often ignored in articles like this are the infrastructure tools that make a business efficient, professional and successful. Things as simple as hosting services and conference bridge services can make the difference between a credible company and one that seems unstable. For example, we got burned with using a free conference service when we were told well after the fact that we lost a bid for a high-profile project due to the fact that we sounded amateurish. After hearing that, we bit the bullet and went for one of the new low-cost, full featured services that allows you to record your own conference message with their professional voice talent(http://www.brandedbridgeline.com) and moved our web and server hosting to a more reputable cloud provider (http://www.linode.com). Cover all of your bases!

@Marguerite - You're right, WordPress is a powerful, free tool for entrepreneurs just getting started. I personally know several small businesses whose websites operate on the platform.

@Tammie - Valid point. The Kauffman Firm Survey doesn't currently study such things to my knowledge. But yes, oftentimes you get what you pay for, and sounding amateurish or looking unprofessional is the last thing an entrepreneur wants when getting started.

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