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April 19, 2012


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Great report, an industry that accounts for about 18% of the nations GDP, not to mention the share of government discretionary spending that is seen as unsustainable by many observers. Most corporation when faced with structural imbalances, usually result to drastic cost cutting measures to remain a going concern, i fear that the 'urgency meter' on the need to address this imbalance is very low, the imbalance is so obvious when you see the the Health sector contributes a disproportional # to the workforce. Obviously the US cannot be compared to the so called "PIGS" in the EU zone, but the problems they are facing and the measures taken to address their budget short-fall should serve as a warning the policy makers any concerned observers or citizen. Your report should be on every policy makers desk, I believe the elections this fall, will be about illusions and reality on the part of electorate & the elected.

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