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July 08, 2011


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Great post Tim! Couldn't agree more. If you lived in Texas, your son would be employed rather easily though.

You make a lot of excellent points, Tim.
As entrepreneurs & business owners, we believe that job creation is a better, more powerful solution to reducing unemployment than extending unemployment benefits that may actually be fostering a prolonged malaise in this country.
Government spending has not created the jobs windfall that was predicted either.
Business owners and entrepreneurs continue to worry about the uncertain economy, mounting national debt, nebulous economic policy coming from Capitol Hill and the subtle vilification of today's entrepreneur that risks their family's savings everyday to build their version of the American Dream. And as you know, this creates jobs for others too, when successful.
Our great country's lawmakers need to put down their partisan swords and have a closer look at what really needs to be done to reduce unemployment now. Or they will risk being in the same unemployment line with the rest of the 9.2% of the USA when their current policy continues to fail..but by then it may be too late.

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