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January 24, 2011


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Tim, thanks for the post. I think your standard of what is socialism is strange, given the fact that Norway has socialized health care, pensions, and education. The point you are making is the one I was trying to make in the story: That certain aspects of "socialism" (like universal health care or progressive taxes) are not inherently bad for entrepreneurs.

Posted my response here:

I have to agree with Max's response...if Norway isn't socialist, then who is? The Norwegian government is more active in the economic lives of its citizens than the government of, say, Greece or Italy. It has socialized healthcare, a high tax rate, a social safety net...
If anything, I'd be suspect of using the Heritage Foundation rankings as an index for the degree of socialism in a country. Sweden, for example, is at the same level as Finland, the UK, and Spain for example. Perhaps economic freedom and government involvement in the economy are not the same thing? The Heritage Foundation (a generally right-wing thinktank) has also been criticized in the past a bias in its rankings of giving economically strong companies higher ratings of economic freedom.

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