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December 14, 2010


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But doesn't trust go both ways. The way I see it, the banks broke their end of the bargain first by lending to a lot of people who could not afford the loans. They then made matters worse by bundling up all these bad loans and sold them off as investments (really, really bad investments disguised as secure ones). Part of me gets upset because the folks who walk away bring down home prices for everybody. Yet, another part of me empathizes with their decision to screw the banks, since they screwed us first.

Doesn,t trust go both ways.

I guess the point is to give and save as much as you can and make your money work for you like the good servant we should strive to be.

Doesn,t trust go both ways.

Doesn,t trust go both ways.

Do not trust anyone except yourself :) That's how I live in this deceitful world!

Flowers portray love, happiness, joy and all the other positive emotions.

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