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October 19, 2010


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A convoluted and easy to manipulate system like you describe is overly complex and unnecessary.

This is not a difficult problem to solve. Just enforce the existing rules and punish rule-breakers. Increase the punishment until players respond.

Flag, Ejection, Fine, Suspension. Just increase the penalty until players respond.

"Any system that uses subjective judgement of intent on the part of the offending party is likely to lose effectiveness over time."

Why? You don't provide any reason for this statement.

Plus, the ability to review high definition slow motion video from 8 different angles of the offending action makes the subjectivity less important. Did the helmets collide? Yes or no.

I think people are failing to understand the true nature of American football; it is far closer to warfare, than it is to chess.

All the suggestions above are liability rules, imposed ex post. These rules seem illogical in this instance, because they require the players to make rational decisions, while their minds and bodies are acting almost wholly on instinct and experience.

In my humble opinion, the only real solutions to this problem are ex ante modifications to the game (i.e. a wider field, safer helmets, etc.). We can change the game and the way it's played, but we cannot expect to solve the problem by imposing rules that require rational choice, on humans who are arguably not acting rationally at the time they cause these injuries. So long as players have the weapon (the hard helmet), their instinct will not fail to put it to use it when the battle creates the opportunity.

Ex post rules may have some effect yes, but where the battle gets heavy (fourth quarter, playoffs, overtime, etc.), the mind gives way to instinct and experience, and players will do what is necessary to get the win. Taking away the weapon, or limiting the opportunities to use it, are the only ways to prevent the serious injuries at issue.

The nature of the game is what is causing the injuries, not the inadequacy of safety devices or maliciousness of the players. To make the sport safe, you must fundamentally change the sport. The physical laws of inertia describe the mechanism of the injuries, so mass and velocity together need to be addressed in the rulemaking (e.g. no player shall move faster than 8 mph, players weighing more than 12 stone shall not travel faster than 6 mph, and shall not contact a another player at an angle of incidence exceeding 90 degrees). Further, removing the helmet althogether may be an effective means of reducing the prevalence of concussion (see rugby). Alternatively, outlaw the contact-nature of the game and just play flag football.

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