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April 26, 2010


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Would it not have been great for Obama to have invited business leaders from the 50 states to discuss entreprenuer enterprises in America. It seems to me, Obama has his objectives backward. Forget American businesses and invite muslims to a forum for future business opportunities.
Why is not Obama as interested in doing something for American as he is for helping his muslim brothers? Is it an indication that he really desires to see the American economy enter a black hole and self destruct this country? All the indicators certainly show such Obama could care less about his own country's economy and small businesses. The facts speak for themselves.

The President has hardly forgotten so-called "American business." (What the heck does that mean anymore anyway, Patriotson? In case you haven't noticed, it's a global world...)

I wasn't invited to the Summit itself, but am participating in an adjunct SoCap meeting the day after-- which is intended to bring U.S. entrepreneurs together with our colleagues (and yes, prospective future partners) in the East.

I'm the former top writer for People Magazine (where I wrote for a weekly audience of 43 million), and am using my 32 years of experience at Time Inc. to launch a global communications and commerce portal, MiWorld.com (http://www.miworld.com/), that promises to benefit us ALL.

If you don't believe me, check out our beta, and read this:

Susan commented that this is a global world - if it is, why are we the only country that thinks that or acts that way.

In business - if you are a private company, your objective is to increase your own wealth. If a public company, increase your shareholder's wealth. I don't see anything global about that.

It is good that the administration is talking about business and their impact on this economy. The shame is that it is all talk - actions speak louder than words.

Why promote entrepreneurship in the Middle East? Its one of the solutions for peace. The region has a young population and there is high male unemployment. You can envision what this means for a country in terms of unrest. Entrepreneurship creates enterprises and jobs.

When the economies out there in the rest of the world are active and vibrant - US businesses will have new markets. This is to say - to increase wealth, and for shareholders too, if relevant.

The Administration has a strategy and milestones and it proposes that the US companies getting involved as business partners, and mentors. This requires information, communication and cross cultural knowledge on both sides, leading to trust and understanding. Once again, good for business and peace in the region. May be a simplistic view, and I'd like to be optimistic.

Who is solving the problem of access to capital and middle-tier loans?
We are !
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I agree with Tim Kane that the good news is they actually had a entrepreneur summit. The Muslim connection threw me off a bit but it's a start. The facts are we need help here big time. Take a ride around and look at all the empty stores. These were entrepreneurs who are no longer in business. I went to a entrepreneur meeting here in Orlando with the Chamber of Commerce last week. The stat I heard was 86% of companies here in Florida have only 1-9 employees. Small business is running our country. how about some help for them? I have been an entrepreneur for over 25 years. I am on the Small Business Advisory Board at the Disney Entrepreneur Center and do FREE consulting to entrepreneurs in our community. For the last 2 years I have been working on a matching website or (online incubator) that connects up entrepreneurs to experienced professionals who can help them succeed. We launched a few weeks ago. I personally think I can create thousands of jobs by connecting up people who can help others succeed. I am looking some resources who can help me launch this site. My goal is to Grow America by helping our entrepreneurs succeed. Check it out www.experienceconnection.com Much Success To All Entrepreneurs.

As a entrepreneur and a researcher on the topic of entrepreneurship, I was very much intrigued by the idea by the idea of global summit of 'real' entrepreneurs. I believe the President deserves credit for the initiative for reaching out to the Musilm nations and in particular for including social entrepreneurs. I would have liked to see some more substance in the form of sharing of best practices and some of the excellent research done in the USA and other countries on topics such as opportunity recognition, international and transnational entrepreneurship, impact of culture etc. Also it would help to have invited at least one top minister or government official from each nation and share to exchange views on what programs have worked and what has not- so as to facilitate learning and putting scarce resources to the best possible use.
Perhaps future events can focus on some of these topics.

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