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April 21, 2010


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Vivek Wadhwa's studies have been proven false. I don't know why the corrupt media continues to site him. This is just another outsourcing visa.

What this article ignores to taking down barriers for American citizens to start up companies. To read this article, one would almost gather that someone born in this country is almost unable to start up a successful business. We are not absorbing the immigrants already here, so why should we bring more in? The melting pot is dead and immigrants have more love for the old country than the new.

JC has a good point. The business taxes, employment taxes, permits, licenses, etc. certainly don't make me eager to start my own business.
But the article, and the execs' propaganda compaign on which it appears to be based fail to recognize (try to hide) the huge glut of STEM talent that has been idled by the excessive student (F+OPT), E-3, H, J, and L visas. NSF & the execs in business and academia and the immigration lawyers acknowledged these visas would drive down compensation and cause US citizens to try to find fields with better life-time employment and compensation opportunities. The resistance to any standards for intelligence, academic ability, creativity, productivity, etc., for these visa programs belies any claims that they're about "skills" or "talent". And the vastly excessive numbers show clearly that they're about flooding the US job markets.

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