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March 23, 2010


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My criticism of the criticism is, how many Startup Visas would actually be offered? Are we expecting more than 5,000 people a year to meet the million dollar requirement? Are we expecting more than 1,000 people?

What kind of numbers are we looking at for demand?

If those wanting reform were still talking about a melting pot, I think few would object.
Unfortunately, the objective seems to be multiculturism.

I am a scientist working in the semiconductor industry. Anyone with my qualification can get a working visa in any industrialized country in the world. As a result my technically equally qualified colleague in Far East makes 80% by purchasing parity and at least 60% by exchange rate. Language and cultural barriers easily explain the difference. The US and EU still lead, so their culture and English set the standard.
The situation is different for less skilled jobs; e.g., the American farmer or unionized autoworker, which still makes a multiple of their counterpart in Far East. With increasing mobility of the world population pressure will increase to let foreign workers in, who work at a lower rate. Government policy may not allow workers in, but the result will be an illusion of being rich and competitive among (e.g.) farmers and autoworkers. Eventually there will be a break down.
To prevent a cataclysmic breakdown the US and any other country should open her borders to anyone, who can find a job at the local conditions. If Mexican fruit pickers are always legal, they can demand the legal minimum wage (covering taxes and social security etc.). The only way to compete will be harder work and better performance. Isn't that the American way?

GHammer's melting pot is the one where everything ends up a sickly peach color. The melting pot of 1908 was a nice myth to make self-proclaimed "white" people feel better about ignoring the existence of a ruling class. Bootstraps and all that. But immigration reform in the 21st century necessitates the dreaded "multiculturalism" because the economic and social reality of America is moving away from the imagined "heritage" of those clinging to their Western European ancestry. Unless you're open the the very real possibility that the mix will be brown and probably not Protestant, don't pretend to yearn for that melting pot.

Despite the Kauffman Foundation's noble aims, it is obvious that theirs is a lost cause. We have been a closed society since 1924 and nothing on the horizon looks like it will change that.

The battle of ideas is not won or lost in Congress, or even in elections, but in the long assessment of history. Just ask Qeng Ho.

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I’m hoping that we’ll end up with a slew of prototyped ideas and a bunch of happy people. I’m sure there’ll be a lot more hard work until we can turn those embryonic proofs of concept into living

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Any way we can promote small business growth and jobs in America is a good thing. We may not be a nation of entrepreneur farmers as Thomas Jefferson had hoped, but we can still be a nation of entrepreneurs in which economic opportunity is open to all.

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Despite the Kauffman Foundation's noble aims, it is obvious that theirs is a lost cause. We have been a closed society since 1924 and nothing on the horizon looks like it will change that.

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He who loses faith, loses all.

I LOVE this! SO cute!*

No neighborhood could build a perpetual constitution, as well just like a perpetual law.(Thomas Jefferson, the states president)

I guess the point is to give and save as much as you can and make your money work for you like the good servant we should strive to be.

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