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September 16, 2009


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Interesting post, Dane! I wanted to share this upcoming event at the World Bank which will have a large focus on this topic:


maybe entry rate is not a good proxy for entrepreneurship, may be an innovation index might give better results

also to avoid the dilemma of entrepreneurship and developed countries , maybe testing the relationship in developing countries would neutralize the effect
what do u think ?

Tim: As I wrote on my blog, Truth on the Market, I think Tyler is pretty far off base with this one. See http://www.truthonthemarket.com/2009/04/28/what-does-tyler-know-about-law-and-economics-anyway/

Once you learn the relevant language (and German is big for tech anywhere in Europe), it's not too difficult to get set up around there. But the US economy has become very miserable for tech workers and innovative, small businesses in general.

maybe entry rate is not a good proxy for entrepreneurship, may be an innovation index might give better results

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I need to end this post at some point,

so I'll just end by throwing it open to readers. Your thoughts? Charts? Arguments?

that growth increases entrepreneurship. We can look backward from 2005 to economic growth in the preceding few years.

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