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August 31, 2009


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As an entrepreneur, I absolutely support having oversight on VC funds. The days when VCs nurtured innovation are long gone. Now they are just keeping the money under the pillow and have gone on vacation. They have also started investing heavily in public markets. I know of at least a few west coast fund which have invested heavily in public securities, instead of deploying their capital on startups.

When you say

"Venture capitalists regularly participate in PIPEs (private investments in public equities)..."

do you mean to say that the VCs are actually buyers, or merely sellers, of the securities in PIPEs?

Your statement is certainly true on the sell side (it's a way to liquefy large blocks), but that doesn't make Dinallo and Patricof wrong.

Is the line between VC and private equity so blurred now that VCs really buy into PIPEs on a regular basis?

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