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August 21, 2009


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Your headline reporting Google Voice's demise is much exaggerated. I use GV daily. What was blocked here (perhaps temporarily) was distribution of the Google Voice iPhone app in the App Store. Google Voice is more than that - it's a service that could be conveniently accessed through the iPhone app (if allowed by Apple) but it exists as a service independently of Apple or the app. I get free outgoing long distance anywhere within the USA and 1 cent/min (sometimes free) to the numbers I call most in Canada. That's better pricing than SkypeOut.

But there is an official Skype app available in the App Store. And it works fine with SkypeOut. I've used it to call people without any problems. So that doesn't seem to support your claims...

But have you used the official Skype app + SkypeOut to place calls while on 3G (not on wifi)? I thought the point was that Apple/AT&T are blocking VoIP apps over 3G/Edge...

i get the understanding finally here since i have looked for it for a long time!

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