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May 28, 2009


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Republicans can't have a conversation, though, about Sotomayor's actual legal qualifications, written opinions, or views on the role of the state because there's no evidence that any of those things are remotely anti-establishment. There's just not much for Republicans to disagree with there.

So, in order to hand the President a defeat, they have to impugn her ethnicity and gender, call her a "radical liberal" and "judicial activist" without any cause, etc. All this, even though they'd never in a million years object to a Catholic or Jewish nominee citing his religion as an influence, or an Irish-American candidate citing his cultural upbringing as influencing his views on policy, etc. I agree there should be a substantive, tough discussion on how to apply the Constitution to the challenges of modern America, but we're not likely to get it with this opposition.

very informative post.

The battle of ideas is not won or lost in Congress, or even in elections, but in the long assessment of history. Just ask Qeng Ho.

The Constitution says nothing of stem cells, affirmative action, sexting, gay marriage

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