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December 03, 2008


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Hey Tim, Tyler from Hawaii here.

Interesting pledge, and interesting reason for it. My non-existent knowledge of buying cars (Never bought one) is that I would not buy from a bankrupt company in the first place. While I agree that massive restructuring needs to take place, I think that the creative destruction of the economy should be massive, and if we have to go through a hard time period, then it must happen. I can't see how hobbling through time for years by relying on checks from the government is going to ever get us back on track. I can only imagine the worst for both sides, bailout or no bailout, and I would like to think that the opportunity for redemption is better on the no bailout.

Still, take my opinion with its salt, I am no expert.

"Speaking of credibility, the CEOs have been quick to wrap themselves in the flag, emphasizing how important their survival is to the national economy. Despite the fact that I believe the opposite to be true - the bankruptcy of GM would help America's long term economic growth - what is most disturbing about their patriotic argument is its hypocrisy. Bankruptcy is probable at this point. The patriotic thing to do would be for this giant firm to prepare for as soft a landing as possible."

Yes. Agreed. But this shows why I will not buy from GM in the first place. They have made a mistake, and they are looking for ways to not pay for it. In business, I would not trust this type of person. The CEO's I would like to buy from are Ze'ev Drori, recent President and CEO of Tesla Motors. He vows commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction. As a consumer, this is the company I support.

It is slippery because of how large Gm, Ford, and Chrystler are. I know that they have normal families dependent on their survival, but that does not mean that people in power will use that situation for their benefit.

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