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August 21, 2008


This bothers me as well. For me as a little kid, lemonade stands were a staple of summer, and lead to getting some pocket change for some candy or soda or something. While not completely a business by any means, running a stand teaches kids basic business premises: profit, costs, etc. What it shouldn't teach kids is zoning laws and all the "problems" that come with running a business. The key is to teach the basics and then the fact that there are limitations for good business practices. To me, lemonade is more of a health risk: who knows what kids put in that sugar water, when a watermelon is a closed, untampered piece of fruit. It's frustrating to hear stories like this because it does stunt entrepreneurial growth, and dissuades kids from business. I understand the "what ifs" but YOU CANNOT BE SERIOUS, Clayton, California.

Dr. Kane,

In Claremont, we have Mayor Ellen Taylor, a.k.a. The Cookie Monster, who threatened girl scouts with a ride in the police car if they didn't stop selling girl scout cookies.

Alas, bullies never seem to pick on folks their own size.


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